About Trucks

PortAVision does not sell trucks, but we will gladly assist the customer in picking the correct truck for their individual needs.


  • You should buy the most powerful truck you can afford, and one that is available in your weight class. Keep in mind that your truck is going to be “loaded” 100% of the time it is rolling. Unlike typical delivery trucks that get loaded and return to your facility empty, your truck will have DOUBLE the wear and tear of load based use.
  • Add the Automatic transmission. It will add approximately $5,000 to cost of the truck and worth its weight in safety, convenience and flexibility of who will be operating the vehicle. Popping the clutch on a hill and rolling into that Mercedes behind you will tap your deductible, and increase your insurance rate.
  • Air Ride: This feature is extremely important. Installing or removing the POD or cargo box on variable terrain often needs a few inches of room (+ or -). Needing to fit under a low clearance and minimizing the bouncing of your equipment is as important as is the comfort to the driver
  • The trailer is another important piece of the system. PortAVision DOES manufacture the trailer to specification, but you can provide any flatbed trailer of proper weight and size capacity. Air Ride trailers are also strongly recommended to transport the tag along screen POD or Cargo Box.