What Is PortAVision?

The PortAVision concept is simply a package that consists of:

  • A straight truck chassis, with a detatchable body-latching system.
  • A removable cargo box with built-in lift gate, E track and ratchet straps for carrying the LED video screen rental kit.
  • A PortAVision Screen Pod with rotating hydraulic mast, portable generator/power distribution, Audio/Video equipment racks with LED processing.
  • A modular outdoor LED video screen.
  • The TOTAL RENTAL PACKAGE, will consist of “fast rig” LED panels, processors, hanging and stacking brackets, Equipment racks, spare parts and power distribution accessories.
  • Optional Flatbed Trailer for transporting another PortAVision Pod or cargo box.

Mobile and portable LED Video screens are becoming increasingly popular for all types of indoor and outdoor events. Lightweight cargo containers are outfitted with a telescoping and rotating mast, capable of lifting an array of modular LED panels to form a daylight viewable and weather proof video screen. 

An on-board generator provides power to the video screen, audio and production equipment.   Hydraulic stabilizers keep the video screen from tipping in high winds, and are designed to lift the entire container off of the truck or trailer.

The PortAVision design allows the video screen to be used in several ways.  The audience can view the screen lifted 27 ft in the air, or the display can be viewed without raising the screen. This is especially useful when the screen must be deployed inside tents, areas with low overhangs or making presentations in front of the screen. 

Another Desirable feature of PortAVision is the ability to display information on the screens front and rear simultaneously, plus another option to display the screen as a 4 sided video cube.

Our unique design further facilitates the rapid installation and dismantling of the modular LED panels so the screen can go from a portable, mobile unit into a theatre, tradeshow, or concert hall.