Frequently Asked Questions

First, the simple answers
  • YESDoes the Screen Rotate?
  • Is the screen and equipment weatherproof?
  • Is the screen daylight viewable?
  • Can I remove the modules from the pod?
  • Can the pod be lifted off the Truck?
  • Can the SCREEN GO any Higher?
  • Does the generator come out of the pod?
  • Is There Quiet Power on Board?
  • Can I use other power if I want too?
  • Does it have a Control Room with Heat & A.C?
  • Is there room for an Audio System on Board?
  • Can I configure it with in wide screen ratio?
  • Can I put any video signal onto the screen?
  • Can I provide my own production equipment?
  • Does it have an engineering stamp of safety?
  • Can I rent PortAVision if I need to?

The not-so-short answers

Can I use another Brand of LED screens with PortAVision?
PORTAVISION can be configured for many types and resolutions of LED panels. Your Sales Rep can assist in size, weight, and hardware specifications.

Is a Commercial Drivers license (CDL) required to operate the PortAVision System?
Several options allow a standard licensed driver to operate our vehicles. Depending on the screen size, generator and truck type, a CDL “B” license could be required, and in some cases, and “A” license while towing a second screen.

Is PORTAVISION a Franchise?
No, PORTAVISION is a network of Owner Operators that have the same equipment. RENTAL Partners will work cohesively by cross renting equipment for larger or double booked events.

Will I have protection from my competitors purchasing a PortAVision System In my general locale?
As in any business, competition is always there. It is the business owners that provide the services to keep and maintain its customer base. There is nothing different with this product. If you are new in this industry, you must work hard to establish yourself. If you are already working within our industry, then you must continue to work diligently to maintain your customer base. PortAVision is a concept with many applications. Each owner operator will find their own niche.