Most Requested....Drag&Fly.


The PortAVision Drag&Fly is a Pod-Based Mobile Screen.

      Most Flexible unit of any of our Mobile Screen vehicles. 

  • Sets up in about 1 hour.
  • On-board quiet generator or transfer switch for shore power. 
  • Removable doors for the see-through look.
  • Drive down the street in "Parade Mode".
  • Dual-side Screen capability.
  • Screen rotates.
  • Pod removable from truck
  • Graphic and banner friendly.
    Event Mode-RAISED on groundDual Screen-RAISED on pavement

  Event Mode- RAISED on truck

    Drag&Fly Spec Sheet:


            12' 6" H X 16' W - Standard TV ratio
10' H X 16' W -  High Definition Widescreen ratio

           Screen Height:  26' 8" to top of screen, totally extended

           Screen Type:    Toshiba TR2015X 15mm outdoor panels
                 optional......Toshiba TR2010X 10mm outdoor panels (or)
Lighthouse R7-ER (Enhanced Resolution) 7mm outdooor panels


               Pod Only:   25' L  X 8.5' H  X 8' W *
                  Overall:   34' L (nose to tail) 12' 8" H  X 8' W.*
     *out-riggers used for stability in wind conditions extend an additional 24" per side.


Downloadable Drag&Fly Specs PDF